Imagine a world where no one had to worry about anything, you wake up, take a bath, eat meals throughout the day, sit in front of the television all day,probably nap in between without going to work, not thinking about paying bills,what to wear, or how to make sure your bank account doesn’t run out of cash. hmm! impossible right?

When I watch my son, I wonder why adult life is so complicated. The little fire-ball as I like to call him sure knows how to keep busy. In fact watching him meet his milestones was simply amazing. The day he took his first step was definitely the best day of his toddler life. All he thinks about is walking all over the house until exhaustion drives him to sleep. He doesn’t have to worry about anything, all he’s accustomed to, is mummy changing diaper, feeding him at intervals even when he hasn’t cried out for food, worry if that cough is the flu or not, waking up at night to check on him and make sure he’s very comfy.

In as much as we cannot  be served like children, we definitely can learn one or two from the lifestyle of a child. We shouldn’t be  irresponsible adults idling away because we want to live the life of a child but we can adopt the “No worries” attitude of a child. we definitely can bring a balance into our lives by not worrying about everything. like they always say, worrying doesn’t get anything done. it only aggravates our health and can lead to life threatening diseases.

If you find yourself worrying, then you need to off load those things. Try fixing the problem, if you worried about your finances try to budget more, or if it’s about your career try updating yourself,make sure you are still relevant to be well positioned when a better opportunity presents itself. But above all these, my greatest cure pill for worry is PRAYERS. I can’t tell you enough how it has helped lift heavy burdens off my heart.

when everything becomes so overwhelming, and have exhausted all therapy to get them fixed, i bow my head in prayer, and i feel an instant peace within. i feel refreshed to tackle everything. I have a fresher perspective and I become ecstatic like my DS (Dearest Son) who is always eager to discover new things around him, full of energy, having no care and doesn’t mind moving items one hundredth times even after have told him not to.


What You Must Do


Wow! Wow! Wow! Have almost forgotten how much fun it is to put fingers to keyboard and pour out your heart and thoughts without restrictions, the joy and exhilaration that comes from communicating with another, the beauty of shared experiences, ideas, emotions, etc.

How I have missed this favourite pass time of mine. The good news is my fellow bloggers I can feel the excitement again, have found the joy in me. The missing piece of the puzzle has been solved am back with my first love, I can feel her moan under the touch of my fingers as I caress her trying to find the right word or phrase to go in my article.

Countless time, we’ve caught ourselves doing less of the things we enjoy doing, not because we don’t want to do them but because we suddenly lost our joy, we are no longer passionate about the little things that mean so much to us. The good news is; you can resuscitate yourself back to an earlier time when you needed no motivation to get your favourite activity done.

What you must do is quite simple; you must be ready to use up your reserve energy in order to get the task done. Quit giving yourself excuses- I’ve got no time, it’s not worth the bother etc. whatever lights up your life is worth keeping. You must begin to appreciate everything that adds value to your life no matter how choked up your schedule is, you must learn to keep a balance and create time for the things that bring you joy.

What is life if you give up activities that brighten your life because you feel guilty when others try to paint a picture of how hard they work and have got no time for frivolities, do not berate yourself over their own failings, you must not live your life like theirs. No matter your work schedule or your projects and numerous future plans, you must create time for the little things that would make you happy.

Why work so hard, without rewarding yourself. Would you rather fill your life with so much activity called “work “ only to wake up on the other side of life and realise that you had no time for family, friends or indulge in simple pleasures of life or an hobby because you thought them frivolous? We are not robots or machines, though machines come with default settings, they can be reprogrammed. So, I enjoin you to reprogram your life, take time for that secret fantasy of yours, that hobby, that lover or spouse, your kids, family whatever it is that lighten up your life.

This is what you must do. Remember, Life is too short for you to play God. Fill it up with precious moments of value, so when you look back you can smile with satisfaction that you lived a good life. Ciao