Happy New year! It took me a month plus to wish y’all happy new year. Some people said their 2018 officially started 1st of February, I for one started mine 1st of January but I haven’t created time to upload my first post of the year.

Work has been a bit busy and activities at the farm is a bit slow now, we prepping for the planting season. We harvested the dry maize though harvest wasn’t so great because the rains stopped earlier than expected but we are thankful for the little we could salvage.

Thanks to our moms, who make out time to prepare healthy hygienic pap for their families. They bought it off our hands. Looking forward to the planting season and we can only pray for a bountiful harvest.

The cassava farm is doing well, can’t wait for the rains to come, and yes Water melon is part of the mix now, seeds are ready, the land is been prepared, arrangements are on going so we can have an early start. Can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us. CIAO


There’s nothing as sweet as the feeling of joy and pride that comes from one’s accomplishments. After several months of toil and sweat nothing beats been able to see results and the satisfaction one derives from knowing that you didn’t give up but finished your course to the end. Many have embarked on similar feats but are nowhere to be found because they lacked the will to carry on in the face of daunting challenges.

On the farm we suffered quite a few; the army worm attack, squirrels and birds eating the ripe maize and wrong advice on how to tackle them. However, it helped in prompting research and learning other creative and safer ways to tackle pest on the farm. All these discomfort helped to make me better on the farm. Challenges shouldn’t deter us; they should be stepping stones to been better in areas of our lives that need to be better.

Oh yes! We had lots of fresh sweet corn to eat and sell as well as fresh okra and pumpkin leaves for personal and commercial consumption. I can’t begin to describe how happy I was that I was able to prove that your outward physical appearance doesn’t equate the strength you carry on the inside. Having a slender frame doesn’t mean you cannot lift things three times your weight, or because you haven’t tried something you can’t be good and successful at it.

Stay focused on your goal, never look back, drown out the excuses, eliminate the you can’t syndrome and draw strength from your insides, the tiny part of you that dares you to imagine its possible, nurture that part until it helps you override all your doubts. The harvest is indeed sweet and you can’t afford not to taste it and of course share it with those around you. Ciao




Whoever said tilling the ground was easy, no wonder the bible said that ‘’man would eat bread in the sweat of his face.’’ Not an exact quote but you should find the actual quote in Genesis 1: 19. Oh yeah! Farming is not joke especially when it’s not something you accustomed to and you can’t afford to pay workers because you are barely scraping available funds to buy seeds and do other important stuff. It was definitely like a rollercoaster; scary and exciting at the same time.

I remember all the digging and weeding and planting under the hot scorching sun, trying to make sure the seeds were in the ground in anticipation for the rain, the sleepless nights worrying that the rains would come as expected or my blistering hands that would keep weeding in spite of the pain. The body aches and pains that come with the territory. Did I think about quitting? Oh yes! But the determination to achieve was much greater than my discomfort. If for anything I wanted to prove to all the doubting Thomas’s that this working momma can farm like a pro. Lol

Yes, I had an 8am-4pm job, had a family to cater for and I added farming to my already spilling plate. That is where my multi-tasking skill was strengthened coupled with learning to prioritise my daily activities and making out time for all the things I needed to do on a daily basis. The most comforting part in all of these was the fact that I was having a ball and learning to push myself beyond my perceived abilities and level of tolerance.

If you wondering if I made mistakes, yes! I did. I made lots of them which I would be sharing in later posts. It’s ok to make mistakes but giving up is not an option, it should propel you to doing better or trying out more beneficial alternatives. People often say great things don’t come easy and I definitely agree and I have come to realise that great value is placed on things we have worked hard to achieve. The next time the thought of quitting comes to your mind, remember that great things don’t come cheap, they come at a price and are definitely more rewarding than those we got on a platter. Do enjoy the photos below, I was having a ball. ciao



Hi friends, this is coming rather very late but being my first post of the year,  I would love to say Happy New year to you all and do have a very wonderful 2012. The year started quite well except for some economic and politically related issues in my wonderful country Nigeria that led to more than a long week industrial strike coupled with protest all around the nation. It’s been quite a wonderful period of learning for me, as I looked on for the first time in my adult years in a democratic government, citizens who were ready to fight to the last for their rights. It was an amazing time with lots of debates and groups springing up to mobilize individuals to stand and fight for want they wanted from their leaders.

It’s wonderful to see people coming to a self realization of the need to be actively involved in the policy and decision making of a government that is supposed to serve their interest. It is on this precipice that I would base my write up. I love seeing people wake up to their inner abilities and interest, long gone the time when we as a people swallowed whatever was dished out to us by our so called leaders who claimed to be working for our interest. Politics has never been a strong point for me but I’m beginning to develop a keen interest in the affairs of governance.

Importantly, as I followed closely, the activities of government, the various protest groups; I witnessed firsthand, a reawakening of great minds people rising up to their leaders demanding that they fulfil the mandate of their political office. I was struck immediately, that indeed “the future belongs to those who dare to paint it’’ I also love the phrase “You demand from life what you desire”. This is not the year to let opportunities pass you by; it is a year we all must seek, demand, and take hold of only the best of our desires. It’s a year to chase away fear and dare to attain heights we’ve dreamt about.

I for one, have come to dedicate the first part of my year not just to writing goals, but to engage in spiritual and meditative activities, it helps to detoxify me and keep me fresh and awake for the months ahead. It’s a whole New year ahead of me as am not only taking up a great new job but charging up to meet my goals in the months ahead. I leave this with you, “goals are not meant to be written down alone, but written to be acted upon.” We must chase our fears, face challenges squarely, and get up immediately when we fall. It is the time to be actively involved in all that happens to you in the coming year. Do not fail to acknowledge your creator this year in all you do, it is time to place Him above all other. Do have a great year. Ciao

For a better blogging year, all questions, enquiries, stories, experience sharing should be forwarded to damilolabalogun2009@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you. Cheers!