Thieves or What…?

downloadI woke up at about pass 11pm to the sound of a male and female voice, it sounded like an argument was going on, I went back to sleep almost immediately because I was unsure where the voices were coming from. Few minutes later I jolted out of bed to heavy pounding on the door, it sounded like it was my door and this time I was startled.

As I sat up in bed wondering who could be pounding on my door, I noticed the sound had changed and all I could hear was heavy blows to the wall, it felt like the walls were being broken, so I tip toed out of my room and woke up other occupants in my house and asked them if they had heard anything, they said yes and so we stayed together praying that the sound wasn’t of forced entry.

We listened for what seemed like an eternity and then the pounding stopped,thoughts raised in my head as I tried to make sense of everything. I wondered what the security men were up to that they were so quiet and occupants  of the  other flats if they were deaf  to the strange sounds. I live in a one story building and occupy one of the flats  up, I went round the house praying and checking that it wasn’t thieves.

Immediately, I moved back into my sitting room I heard muffled voices, I listened carefully and realized it was a couple having a fight in one of the flats. I sighed with relief that it wasn’t thieves as I had imagined. But I suddenly became worried, I thought to myself; hope the earlier poundings I heard wasn’t blows being administered to a human body.

Lately, sad tales of violence in the home especially to women and children has been making rounds on the internet, newspapers, and all sorts of media and it is heart breaking that these violent actions are being inflicted by fellow humans, this is a wake up call to everyone, lets arise and fight against violence, speak out and lets end this menace. I pray none of us will be victims of any kind of violence. Ciao

St Valentine’s Day

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I love February 14th…Hmmm! it comes with lots and lots of surprises, comical scenes etc. I have often wondered why we had to single out a particular day in the year to say I love you or to give gifts to those we love, because I for one feel love should be expressed every passing day through kind words, gestures, thoughts,gifts when there’s occasion for it or just simply because its the only way you can make that person feel special.

Over time i developed an answer for my question Why should a day be singled out for expressing love? I just figured that apart from the official records on how St Valentine’s day is been celebrated its because a lot of people have forgotten how to show love to their fellow homo sapiens, so its a reminder to us all to say the words I love you, reach out to others with kind words, gifts, a helping hand etc. Do something to show you care.

We did something at my office, we reached out to those in the orphanage, it was little but well received. We need to drop the notion that Valentine is a day for lovers, we should reach out everyone around us, someone needs a kind word, a pat on the back, an inexpensive gift, a helping hand etc. Endeavor to do one of these as often as you can. Don’t wait for Valentine Day.

I was amazed at the shops I visited to pick up something for my Husband and the bulk of shoppers were teenagers picking perfumes,cards,frames,chocolates etc. a lot of them have picked up the notion that you exchange gifts with the opposite sex on Valentine Day. Please help spread the word and teach them to be kind to others everyday. As we all celebrate all the wonderful people around us, I wish you all find love always and forever. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY CIAO

Stop Writing, Start acting

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Happy New year fellow bloggers, its my first post of the year and i am delighted to be here with you in the year 2013. 2012 was remarkable and yes 2013 can be much more and spectacular if we can give up the old for the new. Its very common to see individuals putting pen to paper writing resolutions at the beginning of the year but it all turns 2 dust even before the end of the first quarter of the year.

I know the title reads stop writing , start acting but i urge you to make this year different. Enough of the resolutions, begin to take practical steps in achieving all that you desire for yourself in this New year. Make simple goals that are achievable, when you begin to achieve the small task you will gain the confidence to achieve greater task. you could start by creating a quarterly goals timetable schedules.

Hmm! What do I mean? It simply means you start with short term goals which should be evaluated quarterly to determine how you are faring in your goals achievement table. It is not bad to write down what you want to achieve but not acting on them is where the error lies. Don’t get scared, having short term goals doesn’t mean not having long term goals but u could restrict yourself to one major long term goal per year that way you get more confident as you achieve your quarterly goals and then a major goal at the end of the year which could be a long term goal you’ve nurtured from the beginning of the year.

The essence of this is to create confidence and discipline. Wishing you an eventful, purposeful and goal achieving New year, will be waiting to hear of your tremendous achievements this year. Quit Writing and start acting. ciao

So much has happened


Hi world,

It has really been a helluva task for me keeping up with the so many distractions my life has been made up of lately, I wish to express my sincere apology for been away for this long and not keeping up with you my fellow bloggers and readers inclusive; Its been one drama filled life I can assure you.

over the past month my life has been filled with lots and lots of changes and I look forward to sharing some on my blog.I will also like to say that i would have to avoid posting post with political undertones in the coming year and also making public comments on political issues, due to my present employment which doesn’t permit me to partake actively of political activities, nevertheless I promise you more interesting subjects in 2013.

Most importantly, I would love to bring to your notice my new marital status and that means a new page in my life has been opened. I am now married to the man of my dreams, the one my heart beats  for alone, the one who has been pushing that i get back on track my blog life. marriage is a whole new experience for me and I’m looking forward to sharing a part of that life and also look forward to been a mother. I’m still trying to fit into my new role as wife, wouldn’t say its easy but its been fun for me discovering more alluring aspects of the man I married.

The reality of love has struck,It does exist and we can still find it, there are people out there who still possess the ability to love truly and sincerely, so don’t give up on love, Its still the greatest gift of all. In the spirit and season of yuletide  I wish you a very Merry Xmas in 2012 and a prosperous year in 2013. May we all find joy and happiness always. Ciao!



I’ve know a long time that I don’t want to be a judge over anything; to me it must be the most difficult kind of work ever. Why would I want to place people on a scale and judge them, be it in terms of character, habits, religion, politics and what have you. I don’t want to imagine how many fingers are behind my back pointing, silently judging.


I often times wish a lot of us would just hold back when we are about to condemn others over their actions or opinions, who gave us the right to judge when we know not what we may do in such dire situations or circumstances. We’ve been quick to give names to people based on their facial appearance, dress codes, religions, beliefs, political affiliations etc.


How would you feel if you were suddenly picked as a specimen for people to judge, your actions, opinions, words, mannerism etc.? I bet you would fall ill over the numerous criticisms you would hear. The fact we behave in a certain way, doesn’t mean that everyone should be like us. The fact that I may or may not do some certain things, talk or not act in a certain way, belief or doubt some things, doesn’t make it a prerequisite to be judged by others.


So before we go about judging, let’s take a deep breath and evaluate our own actions, don’t be quick to judge. Respect peoples decisions and if you must talk about others actions, make sure its constructive towards making them better. Always remember that there are “four fingers pointing” back at you when you go a pointing. CIAO










Weird Moments

It’s so amazing how much laugh we could get if we could really go back in time and evaluate all the weird or otherwise awkward moments we’ve ever had. Imagine how hilarious our actions or responses were back then. All it ever took to avoid it was either a simple honest truth or just being you for that moment.

Remember the time you told that person who you honestly don’t want to see that you cannot hang out because you are out of town; all you needed was your own space, company or probably company of other friends you love spending time with and boom! You visit the mall, someone taps you on your back and behold it’s the same person you told you were in disposable. Imagine how you felt on the spot…Hilarious now right!

I want to share a story of a friend (male), he wanted to come over because he was bored, it was quite late but he insisted, even after telling him a colleague (someone he wouldn’t want to see him that late at night) of his was a guest for the night. He called it bluff and he came over, well he walked into the sitting room didn’t notice unusual activity and then looked me with accusatory eyes(lol) well I didn’t want to tell him I was wrong so I pointed to the direction of the passage, standing right there was the colleague I warned him about…hmm! Didn’t I get a good laugh, I did. If I remember the frozen look on his face, like a man caught pants down, hmm I doubled over from laughter, he was in such a hurry to be rid of me. Such a sight! lol

There was this other time you were in the sitting room, scrolling through the numerous TV stations and you came across a sex scene logically, you were about to skip it but that fleeting seconds you waited to see what would happen next, your dad steps in and boom! You don’t know whether to skip or just pretend like you just stumbled on it…..guilt written all over your! I bet you were not too comfortable.

The other time you forgot to put off your phone in church, your phone rings and then your ring tone betrays you, singing Flavours “ashawo, hausa , assssh, sawa sawa ley’’ and the whole church turned in your direction, lol I wonder what went on in your head as you struggled to turn off the phone with shaky, sweaty fingers…….yeah right hilarious now.

I remember back in my teenage years when I was all dressed up to go to church and because I looked too good for myself I decided to ditch the ride from home and took the cab because I wanted to be admired, hmm! Didn’t I pay for it? It rained that day and the whole place was flooded. As I gingerly climbed on the makeshift bridge from the pavement to the road, it tilted over and I landed in the pool of water, menhn! That was gross. I felt like shit, and all that could come out from the onlookers was “o girl you fall?’’ but right now its damn

Or was it the moment, when you felt your pockets for crispy notes to drop in the offering basket only to realise that you brought out or you walking on the streets and the wind whipped up your dress and you can’t seem to get it down, hmmm!  Lol or is it the motorcycle ride when it was raining, and the umbrella you put over your head suddenly turns inside out and you were left to deal with the onslaught of the rain…lol

Well I could go on and on about those moments, but the truth is its ok to feel a little embarrassed but that’s all you’re permitted because if you can’t get a good laugh afterwards then you need a shrink. These little incidences do not determine who we are, doesn’t make you less of who you are, all you gotta do is pick up from there, brace yourself with heads high and tell yourself you will do better next time. If you were caught in a lie, then it’s time to learn how to be honest with people they will hurt for a while but trust me they would be grateful you told them the truth.



Hmmn! Life without my blog is like life without drinking water which would invariably  be characterised by drought, dryness, dehydration  and eventual death. These past weeks have been a tremendous strain on me. Me falling in and out of health but I’m grateful I’m back in my blogging spirit and I want to say I miss been online with you all who pop in from time to time to read my jargons.

It’s so much fun sharing the little discoveries of life with you as I see them and as they unfold to me through the eyes of numerous shared experienced. The very fact that I was ill did not stop me from creating new posts just for you and I will keep them rolling in now that I am better.

It takes so much courage to talk to people about your boring life or what you think you know or your little experiences but I assure you it’s the fastest and cheapest therapy because you just relieve yourself of all the upheavals of your life. I hate it when it seems I can’t bring myself to write that post I know you would enjoy reading or I just can’t create time to do my favourite past time (blogging).

I want to say thank you to my maker for restoring my health and I look forward to your creative and constructive comments on my upcoming posts. Cheers! Ciao