FM Fragrance from FM Group

With over 155 fragrances to choose from FM Group really does have something for everyone, we even have a couple for kids, and coFM 296 Ladies Parfum 50mlver a wide spectrum of fragrance families.

Our Ladies’s Parfums and Men’s EDP contain 20% and 16% perfume oil respectively which is much higher in strength, and therefore longpurchase elsewhere. Yet, the prices of FM fragrance is just N4,000 for our Classic range (30ml Ladies, 50ml Mens) and N5,500 to N9,000 for our Luxury range (50ml Ladies, 100ml Mens).As a global perfume brand, FM Group, working in conjunction with DROM is at the forefront of modern fragrance trends and launches around 20 new exclusive FM Fragrance scents every year, as well as developing more fragrance products.
FM Group Men%27s Luxury EDP 100mler lasting, than the weaker EDT (usually 6% to 8%) that many people normally use.

FM Fragrance Body Products

To compliment our selection of fine FM Fragrance, FM Group also has a range of high quality body products in some of our most popular fragrance

FM Perfume Body Lotions including refreshing luxury SFM Hand and Nail Creamhower Gels, rich moisturising Body Lotions, Roll-on Deodorants, Hand and Nail Cream, Hair Fragrances, Shaving Foam, and Aftershaves. We even fragrances with Pheromones!

Of course we also have a number of seasonal and limited edition items added from time to time too and the occasional extra special offer!

It is no wonder our customers keep coming back to us again and again, and recommend us to their family and friends.

Do you know anyone who would like to use fine fragrances and body products without paying the earth?

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History of FM Group World

FM Group began in Poland in September 2004 when Arfur Trawinski had the idea of offering high quality fine fragrances at affordable prices via a team of independent distributors. The concept quickly became very popular and the business expanded to neighbouring countries.

Today, FM Group is supplying many thousands of distributors in more than 50 countries including UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Spain (and Portugal), Greece, Turkey, Czech Republic, Canada, USA, Australia, Belgium (and Holland), Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Croatia, Latvia, Nigeria, Ukraine, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Ghana, Belarus and of course Poland. More offices will be open soon, as the demand for FM Group products and the FM opportunity spreads.

FM Group fragrances are created by DROM, one of the largest and most respected perfume creation companies in the world, with over 100 years of experience of providing the finest fragrances for other leading perfume brands.

All of our products are only available from FM Group Independent Distributors which means we can keep our prices low, whilst still ensuring that our customers enjoy luxury, exclusive fragrances and complimentary fragranced body products.

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