Tale of water melons

20180224_120844It’s been quite a very long time I updated the blog, I promised myself I was going to update as much as I could this year but I’ve since realised that resolutions do not always work out quite well. I have recently learnt that “resolutions without revelation cannot change your life”(Dr. Rhema Ehiemere). In as much as I would love to blame pregnancy and childbirth for not updating the blog, I cannot because farm activities were in full gear despite been pregnant.

so, we promised some juicy water melons for the first quarter of the year but alas! those farm creatures didn’t let our plans materialise plus I was out of the country for the birth of my DD(dearest daughter). DD was born in the month of May which would have been time to harvest us some fresh water melons.

The land was prepared and water melons planted around early march, the hybrid variety but we noticed as they were sprouting insects or caterpillar not too sure what it was, started eating the leaves immediately and the rains didn’t come early this year as anticipated. As a last-minute gesture, I had to abort the water melon idea because of my absence and inability to salvage the situation.

we have since settled for cassava and maize for this season, coupled with land dispute we encountered along the way. In my next blog post I will share a few lessons my absence from the farm has taught me. Below are a few pictures of how far we fared. If you have an idea what the insect or caterpillar look-alike is called please do share so we can combat this creatures that are in the habit of eating up our crops.CIAO