Stop Writing, Start acting

 courtesy: Google images

Happy New year fellow bloggers, its my first post of the year and i am delighted to be here with you in the year 2013. 2012 was remarkable and yes 2013 can be much more and spectacular if we can give up the old for the new. Its very common to see individuals putting pen to paper writing resolutions at the beginning of the year but it all turns 2 dust even before the end of the first quarter of the year.

I know the title reads stop writing , start acting but i urge you to make this year different. Enough of the resolutions, begin to take practical steps in achieving all that you desire for yourself in this New year. Make simple goals that are achievable, when you begin to achieve the small task you will gain the confidence to achieve greater task. you could start by creating a quarterly goals timetable schedules.

Hmm! What do I mean? It simply means you start with short term goals which should be evaluated quarterly to determine how you are faring in your goals achievement table. It is not bad to write down what you want to achieve but not acting on them is where the error lies. Don’t get scared, having short term goals doesn’t mean not having long term goals but u could restrict yourself to one major long term goal per year that way you get more confident as you achieve your quarterly goals and then a major goal at the end of the year which could be a long term goal you’ve nurtured from the beginning of the year.

The essence of this is to create confidence and discipline. Wishing you an eventful, purposeful and goal achieving New year, will be waiting to hear of your tremendous achievements this year. Quit Writing and start acting. ciao


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