St Valentine’s Day

courtesy: Google images

I love February 14th…Hmmm! it comes with lots and lots of surprises, comical scenes etc. I have often wondered why we had to single out a particular day in the year to say I love you or to give gifts to those we love, because I for one feel love should be expressed every passing day through kind words, gestures, thoughts,gifts when there’s occasion for it or just simply because its the only way you can make that person feel special.

Over time i developed an answer for my question Why should a day be singled out for expressing love? I just figured that apart from the official records on how St Valentine’s day is been celebrated its because a lot of people have forgotten how to show love to their fellow homo sapiens, so its a reminder to us all to say the words I love you, reach out to others with kind words, gifts, a helping hand etc. Do something to show you care.

We did something at my office, we reached out to those in the orphanage, it was little but well received. We need to drop the notion that Valentine is a day for lovers, we should reach out everyone around us, someone needs a kind word, a pat on the back, an inexpensive gift, a helping hand etc. Endeavor to do one of these as often as you can. Don’t wait for Valentine Day.

I was amazed at the shops I visited to pick up something for my Husband and the bulk of shoppers were teenagers picking perfumes,cards,frames,chocolates etc. a lot of them have picked up the notion that you exchange gifts with the opposite sex on Valentine Day. Please help spread the word and teach them to be kind to others everyday. As we all celebrate all the wonderful people around us, I wish you all find love always and forever. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY CIAO

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