Weird Moments

It’s so amazing how much laugh we could get if we could really go back in time and evaluate all the weird or otherwise awkward moments we’ve ever had. Imagine how hilarious our actions or responses were back then. All it ever took to avoid it was either a simple honest truth or just being you for that moment.

Remember the time you told that person who you honestly don’t want to see that you cannot hang out because you are out of town; all you needed was your own space, company or probably company of other friends you love spending time with and boom! You visit the mall, someone taps you on your back and behold it’s the same person you told you were in disposable. Imagine how you felt on the spot…Hilarious now right!

I want to share a story of a friend (male), he wanted to come over because he was bored, it was quite late but he insisted, even after telling him a colleague (someone he wouldn’t want to see him that late at night) of his was a guest for the night. He called it bluff and he came over, well he walked into the sitting room didn’t notice unusual activity and then looked me with accusatory eyes(lol) well I didn’t want to tell him I was wrong so I pointed to the direction of the passage, standing right there was the colleague I warned him about…hmm! Didn’t I get a good laugh, I did. If I remember the frozen look on his face, like a man caught pants down, hmm I doubled over from laughter, he was in such a hurry to be rid of me. Such a sight! lol

There was this other time you were in the sitting room, scrolling through the numerous TV stations and you came across a sex scene logically, you were about to skip it but that fleeting seconds you waited to see what would happen next, your dad steps in and boom! You don’t know whether to skip or just pretend like you just stumbled on it…..guilt written all over your! I bet you were not too comfortable.

The other time you forgot to put off your phone in church, your phone rings and then your ring tone betrays you, singing Flavours “ashawo, hausa , assssh, sawa sawa ley’’ and the whole church turned in your direction, lol I wonder what went on in your head as you struggled to turn off the phone with shaky, sweaty fingers…….yeah right hilarious now.

I remember back in my teenage years when I was all dressed up to go to church and because I looked too good for myself I decided to ditch the ride from home and took the cab because I wanted to be admired, hmm! Didn’t I pay for it? It rained that day and the whole place was flooded. As I gingerly climbed on the makeshift bridge from the pavement to the road, it tilted over and I landed in the pool of water, menhn! That was gross. I felt like shit, and all that could come out from the onlookers was “o girl you fall?’’ but right now its damn

Or was it the moment, when you felt your pockets for crispy notes to drop in the offering basket only to realise that you brought out or you walking on the streets and the wind whipped up your dress and you can’t seem to get it down, hmmm!  Lol or is it the motorcycle ride when it was raining, and the umbrella you put over your head suddenly turns inside out and you were left to deal with the onslaught of the rain…lol

Well I could go on and on about those moments, but the truth is its ok to feel a little embarrassed but that’s all you’re permitted because if you can’t get a good laugh afterwards then you need a shrink. These little incidences do not determine who we are, doesn’t make you less of who you are, all you gotta do is pick up from there, brace yourself with heads high and tell yourself you will do better next time. If you were caught in a lie, then it’s time to learn how to be honest with people they will hurt for a while but trust me they would be grateful you told them the truth.



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