Hmmn! Life without my blog is like life without drinking water which would invariably  be characterised by drought, dryness, dehydration  and eventual death. These past weeks have been a tremendous strain on me. Me falling in and out of health but I’m grateful I’m back in my blogging spirit and I want to say I miss been online with you all who pop in from time to time to read my jargons.

It’s so much fun sharing the little discoveries of life with you as I see them and as they unfold to me through the eyes of numerous shared experienced. The very fact that I was ill did not stop me from creating new posts just for you and I will keep them rolling in now that I am better.

It takes so much courage to talk to people about your boring life or what you think you know or your little experiences but I assure you it’s the fastest and cheapest therapy because you just relieve yourself of all the upheavals of your life. I hate it when it seems I can’t bring myself to write that post I know you would enjoy reading or I just can’t create time to do my favourite past time (blogging).

I want to say thank you to my maker for restoring my health and I look forward to your creative and constructive comments on my upcoming posts. Cheers! Ciao

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