I’ve know a long time that I don’t want to be a judge over anything; to me it must be the most difficult kind of work ever. Why would I want to place people on a scale and judge them, be it in terms of character, habits, religion, politics and what have you. I don’t want to imagine how many fingers are behind my back pointing, silently judging.


I often times wish a lot of us would just hold back when we are about to condemn others over their actions or opinions, who gave us the right to judge when we know not what we may do in such dire situations or circumstances. We’ve been quick to give names to people based on their facial appearance, dress codes, religions, beliefs, political affiliations etc.


How would you feel if you were suddenly picked as a specimen for people to judge, your actions, opinions, words, mannerism etc.? I bet you would fall ill over the numerous criticisms you would hear. The fact we behave in a certain way, doesn’t mean that everyone should be like us. The fact that I may or may not do some certain things, talk or not act in a certain way, belief or doubt some things, doesn’t make it a prerequisite to be judged by others.


So before we go about judging, let’s take a deep breath and evaluate our own actions, don’t be quick to judge. Respect peoples decisions and if you must talk about others actions, make sure its constructive towards making them better. Always remember that there are “four fingers pointing” back at you when you go a pointing. CIAO











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