Life is not a bed of roses, agreed. Whether good or bad, life to me is what you make of it. I keep asking myself what century we are in when I look around me and discover some people playing some old time trick that has gone stale. Wake up smell, the coffee ladies it’s time to take a step.

Let me paint a scenario; Girl meets boy and they seem to hit it off from the start and the next thing they are jolly good friends. Eventually girl allows boy hold her hands, drop kisses and so on goes the list. Girl assumes boy is head over heels in love with her and then she feels there’s a silent vow between them which says -we are now an item.

She forsakes all others for him, talking non-stop about his virtues to her friends and BOOM! the bubble burst, guy meets a new girl on the block and begins to spend less time with her, she assumes he’s busy,  allows the euphoria of her emotions to rob her of reasoning and eventually she meets boy in compromising situation and then he introduces her to his legal girl friend( the one he asked out).

Then comes the familiar question and answer section:

Girl: I thought we were dating; I’m I not your girl friend?

Boy: No you were never my girl friend; we were only friends having a good time.

Girl: (sobs) how could you do this to me?

Boy: I’m so sorry never meant to hurt your feelings, I thought you understood the nature of our relationship, we were friends, I never asked you out.

Amazingly, the circle continues, and she goes through a string of men without actually defining her relationship. Don’t let some brother take advantage of you, know your worth and don’t let them disrespect you.  If you want to have fun, let it be your decision, if you want to be committed let it be your choice, do not be led on by a brother’s seemingly closeness, do not live on assumptions be sure what the nature of your relationship is, decide for yourself what it would be.

Wake up sister; it’s time to smell the coffee. Ciao



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