When will you stop this gimmick, this senseless games you keep playing? Who told I was unaware of your tricks, whispering sweet nothings into the ears that were tired of hearing you lie to them. You think you smart, smarter than the person who you playing on, well have got news for you. Quit playing.

When I saw your eyes darting from left to right and you cooked up a diplomatic response to a simple question of “is she your girlfriend? In your mind’s eye you got me by your eloquence? No! I assure you, you didn’t. It just made me sure that you were such an unseasoned liar.

Remember when you told me the girl was all over you, you guys had nothing, she was just a friend who misinterpreted your friendship with her, I believed you not because it was the truth, but because you are so good at taking advantage. Quit playing.

You thought you got me by the balls, because you told me countless times how much smarter I was than the other ladies you’ve loved, how intelligent, calm, confident and decent I was, how much you loved me than any woman you’ve ever been with. Well you shouldn’t have bothered because I already knew I possessed them, you shouldn’t have wasted your saliva trying to con me into a relationship that was filled with lies.

Even after you gave your heart to another in marriage, you still had the guts to come back preaching how fate played a trick on you, how you should have been married to me and not the other, well I got news for you; if you had really loved me, you should have played a fast one on fate but alas! You wanted to eat your cake and have it. (Your favourite pastime) Quit playing.

I could go on and on and not exhaust all your tricks, but truth is I would rather let you know straight up that we ladies have grown a tougher skin for your kind. We’ve learnt to be confident of our abilities, accepting of our bodies, unresponsive to flattery, able to separate the wheat from tares and we sure as hell is real about what we want in a brother, so QUIT PLAYING and stop breathing down our necks. CIAO


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