Show Some Love Brother!

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It baffles me the way some men relate to women, I wonder if they’ve got no mothers or sisters at home. Some men just wake up, get out and think they can harass or disrespect women. What happened to the right to dignity of the human person? How can a sane man walk up to a woman just because you coexist in the same environment and tell her to her face he wants to Fuck her(pardon my French).


What happened to the era when men couldn’t walk up to ladies but had to go through her family to get to know her personally, is it civilization? Or just a simple case of a man, who lacks basic curtsey or should I say home training? How would you feel as man if your mum or sister is simply regarded as a sex object and not an entity that actually got brains that function?


Some men have taken it upon themselves to actually undress women not just with their eyes, but with their words. Some claim women dress provocatively, even in the work environment when she’s dressed up in a three piece suit, she’s still harassed. When will these good for nothing brothers wake up, smell the coffee and realise that women are not sex objects but intellectual beings that can contribute meaningfully to society.


I’m not trying to be hard on you brothers; yes I agree some women might be provocative or suggestive but that exception doesn’t give you the right to treat the women in your life shabbily, whatever happened to self control, discipline and respect for the next person. We should treat the ladies in our lives with respect and encourage them when they tread in an all male environment. It takes courage for her to excel in a male dominated environment and so she should be respected and celebrated for her bravery not down trodden and harassed.


To my sisters out there, do not keep quiet if you are harassed, be it sexually, physically or otherwise. Speak up! Don’t let the men in your life kill your self esteem, you have a right to be respected and treated as an equal anywhere at every given point in time. But in all don’t forget that “Respect is reciprocal” so respect the brothers too. Don’t give them reasons to treat you otherwise. CIAO



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