Little wonder how we wished we had a lot of time on our hands to indulge in all the little important things in our lives. Imagine switching from an 8am-5pm job to an 8am-4pm job with ample time to engage in activities that you otherwise thought there was no time for only to discover that you still lack the well withal to engage in them.

I had thought my ticket to handling private interest was a flexible work schedule; instead I landed myself in the highest possible level of redundancy ever in the history of my career life. I cannot remember the last time I was in front of a computer; talk less of surfing the internet and engaging in all the things that added value to me.

I have been reduced to a puppet, moving according to the string pull of the puppeteer. One thing I have learnt in this situation is to be disciplined. More time on your hand doesn’t necessarily mean more time to add on more activities, it could also mean more time to idle away without achieving anything or indulging in frivolities that would only add up to wasted time.

To fight idleness, you must be disciplined enough in selecting activities, writing goals and actually executing these goals. You must be able to determine within yourself what you aim to achieve with all the freebies you got in your hands in terms of time. You must not just increase your activity but be able to choose value added task so as to improve yourself within and outside your work environment. Most importantly you must do away with all excuses as regards your inability to carry out your set goals.

Some say life is too short; so enjoy every bit of it. I say life is too short not to fill it up with meaningful activities that would enrich your life. Do away with the cloak of Idleness and drop all your excuses, it’s time to strap your seat belt and take a purposeful ride of life. Don’t get carried away by free time on your hands, it’s time to wake up to achieving goals. ciao


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