Oops! the year is rapidly drawing close what better time than now for us to reflect on our activities all through the year. It’s been a tough year but in all of it a great year also. This will not be the best of times to dwell on failures, but a time to reflect on the wonderful moments that made the year a great one. It is time to give yourself a pat on the back if you can for the little feats you were able to accomplish, to spur yourself into doing more in the coming year.

For me, its been a very eventful year, I switched careers, made new strides and in all I’m grateful am where I am; though in terms of my future aspirations, am still a long way but then am thankful to  have come this far. Reflections help you put a lot of things in perspective and as the year ends on the 31st , I encourage you all to reflect on your golden moments in 2011.

2011 is gone, you have a whole 2012 ahead of you to do more. I wasn’t much of a blogger this year, but i look forward to more blogging time in 2012. Get up, shake off the euphoria of 2011, don on the new cloak of 2012, get ready to sail to the top.  To you my numerous friends, bloggers, contributors a big thank you for your encouragements and insightful comments.

In the spirit of Christmas, the season that comes with joy, happiness, love and goodwill, from the depth and warmth of my heart, I want to  appreciate you all, and wish you an extremely wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year. I pray that the coming year hold for us all that we desire. Looking forward to an even more exciting 2012 blogging year. cheers! CIAO in 2012


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