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We shall make

Nigeria great nation,

we shall make

nigeria great nation

we shall make Nigeria great nation

right now and forever

I remember how this very song was an inspiration to me as a kid. we sang it with all the passion we’ve got as kids in elementary school and we had dreams of actually making a difference in our nation. With age grew the realization that we might be fighting a lost cause as the harsh realities of what we had to face as citizens dawned on us.

I remember how we sat around in a big circle during our recess in school and we shared our dreams and aspirations with one another, how we were going to get into junior high school,  senior high school and eventually make it into the tertiary institutions. We dreamt about landing big jobs, becoming high flyers in society just by the very fact that we went through the school system.

But alas our wish wasn’t fates demand. Our journey through high school saw us battling with the bacterial called JAMB (joint admission matriculation board) those who could not make the desired score to get into the higher institution where left behind, those who had the money to buy their way in where accepted into the university. Imagine meeting the cut off yet not been accepted to into the university because you had no one in higher authority to stand in for you.

Those of us who by sheer luck or grace made it through couldn’t study what we wanted and so we opted for courses that our JAMB score permitted. I remember entering into the university and calculating our i was gonna graduate and land a high paying job only to be disappointed as several others before me were on the streets with folders, looking for one job or the other. I asked my parents before me and they told me of the glorious days when my country was indeed A great Nation.

they chanted about how it was so easy to get a job and how  an ordinary secondary school certificate holder could afford to be gainfully employed. I reasoned what the actual problem could be to cause such a drastic change from what was previously obtainable. We’ve heard talks of bad governance, poor policies , lack of policy executions, corruption, bad leaders, poor educational policies etc.

We need to call ourselves to order as a nation, we’ve heard talks about engaging youths in meaningful entrepreneurial development but how many of them are aware and can actually benefit from all that the government are proposing, we need a solid policy or plan that can create employment, develop the required skilled labour and also advance the course of youths in our beloved country. Let us re-kindle hope in the younger generation, let us give them something to live for. Ciao


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