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Hi peeps,

I stumbled upon the first article i wrote for the year and realized i had not shared it with you. So I have decided to share it without any adjustments for your reading pleasure…

How many times have you felt like detaching yourself from your physical environment not physically but emotionally and psychologically? There are times when we need to connect to a sense of our deeper being, the part of us that ultimately shapes the physical.

Sometimes a lot of people may ask; what you mean by the inner you? Or you within? The fact is this, in every man is a deep sense of longing and sensitivity to know a little more about the e person we are, to understand who we are and ultimately come to terms and accept the persons we’ve become or better still, try to get better at being the best we are.

There are times or situations in life that cause us to realise that we need a break to connect with our inner personalities. Anytime you feel d urge to slow down and take a breather then do slow down and realise it’s time to connect with your being. The year is fast rolling to an end, and what troubles you is how well you have utilized it?

The question of whether it was a good year or not should not arise; like I love to say be thankful always for the good and learn to forgive yourself the wrong so you can heal faster and all this is achievable, if you can create solitary moments to relax and let your mind rejuvenate itself, and replenish all that needs to be replenished.

When you create solitary moments, with thoughts of getting rejuvenated, you quickly realise you can let go of hurts, you get new ideas and you are ready to face a whole new world of challenges. The world wasn’t made for the perfect but for those through imperfection, will learn to be just perfect and content.

The year is far gone, My Christmas greetings is belated but in the spirit of the season am wishing all my readers a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New year. I love you all and pray the New Year we bring us better deals and make us much better persons. CIAO


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