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I woke of from a nightmare that made me jittery and gave me the creeps and I wondered where it had originated from. I kept wondering about it and it dawned on me; the trauma of the human spirit subjected to horrifying experiences.

It started like a great campaign when everyone screamed change and it felt we all had a common purpose. The past few months in my great country Nigeria has been one filled with a flurry of political activities as politicians tried to employ all mediums in carrying out massive campaigns to convince their citizenry of their prowess as change agents.

We were all excited at the prospect of having a hitch free and fair election as previous elections had been clouded by nefarious activities by politicians. It was a welcome relief to hear them preach free and fair elections and for the first time the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) had the mandate to bring valid voters to the poll and conduct what would be termed the first free elections ever that would be devoid of violence and court battles.

The elections came and everyone conducted themselves properly and we almost had it hitch free until some scrupulous individuals deemed it fit to start what I call” post election violence.” The more stories I read on the internet read from the newspapers and from individuals from this troubled states settled on my subconscious and then my nightmares began.

I couldn’t close my eyes for a few moments of rest without seeing myself in the midst of all these thoughtless violence. I found myself trying to escape the fear of been mobbed or machete to death I struggled with my tormentors and couldn’t imagine be mutilated or lighted up in an inferno with the smell of my burning flesh as my comfort in death.

I woke up from that nightmare of jitters creepers only to find I was on my bed sweating profusely and struggling for breath. It quickly brought to memory stories of violence I heard but never experienced. For the first time I knew true fear but I was grateful it was a dream. The reality staring at us right now is the fact that a lot of individuals are losing their minds, their faith, their properties, their lives to all forms of violence and we must fight together with one purpose to end all violence against our fellow humans.

We must stand united to help sustain the power of the human spirit to create a world free of violence and strife. Let love reign so that we may experience peace that comes from true brotherhood. Ciao


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