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I got inspired to write this after going through a series of articles sent to me by a positive change leader. It got me thinking exactly on how many individuals do possess the change spirit. We watched as various leaders in the world preach about change but only a few can channel their words to actually causing change.

The world watched as Egypt fought for change and forced the resignation of their ruling president that is the spirit of change we all must imbibe. Change is a culture and as individuals, communities and as a people/nation we must realise that we must imbibe this culture, practice it and cause positive impact.

When we talk about the spirit of change, we must realise that it takes self realization, acceptance and eventual motivating actions to bring about positive change. We must begin to see ourselves as change agents, be ready to take up a challenge and spread the spirit of change we’ve caught.

My country Nigeria is one of the largest African countries and a lot of political campaigns are going on as to who would become president, there’s a spirit of change blowing but how many truly possess this spirit? We do not seek leaders who will preach change but leaders who will not only preach it but make it happen.

I have come to see change as “accomplishment of little feats for massive victories and breakthroughs; I see it as little positive actions focused in the appropriate direction.” It is the little feats that make great stories. We should focus on affecting individuals, communities and nations through the positive change culture.

The crux of the matter is to embrace the spirit of change. You must come to see yourself as an agent of change, you must desire to see change and be ready to cause a change. What is life if we are not ready to change lives? By inspiring individuals, communities and even nations to the power of positive actions, we would be creating a world where the economy works and everyone is happy about something. CIAO



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