Hi fellas,

It’s been quite hectic trying to put up with my new work schedule and my web blog update buts its a wonderful time to share with you a bit of the experiences and self motivation I have enjoyed this period. I realized that been overwhelmed or burden with ones own problems can be a preoccupation that could lead to self destructive tendencies which would not help us get out of whatever ails us. I have often turned or leaned towards friends to unburden myself which sometimes have been helpful but also have led to feelings of been a burden or whining cat…lol pardon but that’s how I choose to describe it.

Talking to friends is not a bad idea when you get overwhelmed with life’s choices but the friends you speak to matters a lot but you must be careful whom you speak to. Talking to friends should be the bedrock for you to actually stand to defeat your fears not an avenue to shove it away. Over time, having a little secret of your own and learning to work out your problems your self will go a long way in helping you develop the will to go on in every crisis of your life. Every time you turn to others to deal with issues of your life, you create a comfortable environment for shoving away what upsets you by accepting the momentary relief of friends who are always ready to listen to you.

We must learn to come face to face with the demons of our lives no matter the form or shape they may assume. We must learn to face them squarely and deal with them. We must realize that every time we turn to others to help us feel better, we shove our problems behind our minds and it keeps accumulating to torment us another day. We must try to deal with issues that occur in our lives, be it positive or negative by first acknowledging their occurrence, not holding ourselves responsible for it or  if we are the cause, we need to  forgive ourselves by understanding that people make mistakes and we can always learn from them or correct them if we can. We must also learn to forgive or let go of those issues caused by others so we can have the will to go on.

Moving on after a difficult time or situation could often times be the most difficult things for us but what is life without a little upheaval so lets learn to develop a thick skin and be at peace with ourselves so we can go on. We must learn to stop torturing ourselves and help ourselves go on even when it feels like the end. There’s a popular saying that goes ” it is not over until it is over” Every time we got life should be a reminder that we’ve got the will to move out of that painful experience. CIAO


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