It’s no wonder a lot of people keep going through a lot of issues in their lives that often lead to dire frustrations and suicide. It’s no wonder a lot of people suffer through numerous stress induced and psychological disorders, lots of therapy and counselling; and those who were not able to come out of it and give in to depression.

What is life? If you cannot but enjoy its simple pleasures, the smile of a friend, the completion of a task, the love of a soul mate, the achievements of feats and what have you. Good health and a sound mind are prerequisite to bliss in life but yet life has its way of throwing its punches. Often times, through the very ones we hold in high esteem to help us through our down moments.

Losing faith doesn’t solve our problems nor do retaliation help us through our depression but perseverance often sees us been victors at the end. We become tougher and stronger after each punch and we are able to sift through our experiences and realise we came a long way and have achieved a lot than we thought possible.

A lot of us become spiritual and draw strength from our spirits, but we should realise that drawing from spiritual strength only when we are down can only get us release for that point in time. Constant connection to the spiritual helps us draw enough strength for each new day. We must try to change the things we can, accept those we cannot change and enjoy those things which has been freely given. Life’s punches pull us down but we must be strong to demand what we want. CIAO


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