Nigeria will be fifty (50) years on the 1st of October 2010 and a lot of political ramblings have been going on as to how and what amount of naira is expendable on this event. Tongues have been wagging and silent disapproval been made by Nigerians and some political leaders who are of the opinion that the said amount for the independence celebration is exorbitant.

However, the issue is not whether the money should be spent or not or whether the said amount is exorbitant. What gets me angry is the aspirations been cast by some individuals towards the upcoming 2011 elections. It is true that previous election results have been manipulated but this is an important issue that Nigerians are no longer ready to take lightly.

The President of Nigeria, GoodLuck Jonathan has promised a free and fair election and the appointment of a new INEC chairman for this purpose. Nigerians are watching and waiting to see how credible this new chairman will be. Now, they have brought up the issue of creating a new voters registers and eye brows are been raised as to the credibility behind this decision. The questions been asked is; 

Is this not another medium to siphon government funds? We have watched our leaders in the past make reforms telling us that this time around will be different but we looked on silently as political leaders succeed themselves and keep awarding huge sums of money for the same project without significant change or improvement. A lot of faith has gone into the present administration and Nigerians are eager for a change in leadership.

 Little wonder how individuals who contributed to the problems of our nation Nigeria still have the guts to proclaim or foretell what they think or perceive to be the fate of Nigeria. All sorts of headlines hit our newspapers telling us of our Nigeria will seize to exist if this or that is not done or how the trend of corrupt leadership will continue if this or that politician is not given a chance.

These prophets of doom should not forget they were given opportunity by providence or by force whichever way they came to power but they misused it. There is no second chance for leaders who have failed us; there is no assurance that if given another chance they would not repeat history. We do not appreciate their fears or concerns because we blame them for whatever position we find ourselves now. They helped to create the problems we are trying to solve.

Yes! we have been failed in the past but we have faith in a Nigeria that is great and still possess some good people. We do not want to over emphasise the failures of the past but as we celebrate our independence come 1st October 2010, we want to see the rebirth of a better and greater Nigeria that would do us proud. We want to believe that political reforms would be taken seriously; we want to believe that anyone who will emerge as our leaders in the upcoming elections will give themselves wholeheartedly to the Nigerian cause. They would put national interest before personal interest and would involve us as citizens in the rebirth process. BEWARE OF PROPHETS OF DOOM…


2 thoughts on “PROPHETS OF DOOM…

  1. Its good that people still have the patience with nigeria, i hope your effort will be heard and heeded to. nice one i hope to read more real soon.

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