I’m always so late in making my debut for the year, never mind I’m sure I’m not too late this year. I’m just jittery about my first write up for the year.
There are more important things in life than getting married, having kids, education, success etc. what makes a man is how much of himself he has discovered and how fulfilled he is doing all that makes his life his.
The drive towards self discovery is not to be considered selfish as one cannot love another except he loves himself. True service is being able to service others as you. The thoughts of life flow through the mind of individuals only few are able to vent the thoughts of their minds.
The purpose of life some are yet to discover, some discover it and realize that what they thought purpose was just another end less activity of self reproach they struggle against that which they perceive their life would be if not checked.
I don’t know why thoughts are flowing but I’ve reached a point in life were I realized that your best effort is not enough but yet you must keep at that which you must. Some may see me as having a cynical view of life…but some still say cynism are as a result of bitter experiences. Whichever way you see it, we all view the world differently.
2010 wow! Some have anticipated the coming of the year, its here so do we continue to make a list of resolutions we intend to execute this year which we may never get the time or opportunity to execute. As tirade of thoughts flow, I can sense some people who are afraid to fail not writing their goals or plans for the year so they won’t be a reminder at the end of the year as having achieved their goal.
Whatever we do, whatever path we choose in this year, I’ll say we should be positive all through the year because I’ve come to realize that whatever you dwell on, you will attract to you. Let us explore the power of our mind, let us open our mind to imagine our desired future. In doing so, do not be timid or mediocre in your imagination, though reality stares us in the face we must face it and make what we believe come through.
I’m not a philosopher; it’s just the revolt of a mind that wants to err itself.CIAO


One thought on “HAPPY NEW YEAR…

  1. An interestin piece nd ur words are very true “The drive towards self discovery is not to be considered selfish”. Everyday I think I’m getting more selfish in my drive to self discovery hence I’ll concentrate on the true discovery of myself to enable me service myself as I have serviced others.

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