Life is a gift and so we must treasure every moment of it. There is a saying “Men come in faces and life in phases” very true. We all journey through life faced with diverse and varying proportion of experiences, hoping that we would be strong enough to overcome them. Some are of the opinoin that experiences or what i term the past helps to shape our future whether negatively,positively,directly or indiretcly. But one thing we’ve all come to realise is that change is constant whether we like it or accept it the chioce is ours.

Life is all about adaptation, look at the acquatic creatures they have adapted to their cold environment, the deserts species have also adapted to the hot environment, we humans have also adapted to our changing environment. Looking back to the era of the early men, humans had to adapt to the environment to enable them survive.What’s my piont? we all are obviously aware of the global economic crunch and so we should adapt to changes in the economy.

Several ways to do this, is to simply cut down on excess spending but rather watch out for new business opportunities we can invest in. This is the moment to look for a need and meet it; you might just be building that company you evisaiged. In as much as we know businesses are folding up, we should also bear in mind that new businesses are springing up. This is the time to key into opportunities, find simpler and cheaper means to buy or get things done. It is the time to adapt and emerge to your present situation.CIAO


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