Shoulder 2 Shoulder

        hello friends,it’s been a while i wrote on my blog and have been itching to get in touch with you.I want to use this opportunity to say thank you for being a part of life.Thanks for your contributions on my blog i love you all.Like i said in my previous post am currently doing my youth service and its been a life changing experience.

        I was opportune to attend the international volunteers day celebration(IVD) at cyprian ekwensi centre abuja FCT and it was an eye opener about the need for individuals to volunteer themselves for their nation’s success.The need for all Nigerians to make themselves available and work together for the achievement of the nation’s vision 2020.

        This fueled my passion to be a contributor to the achievement of the presidency’s 7 point agenda and millennium development goals(MDG).The time has come for all of us to contribute our own little quota to development of our nation.We believe in Nigeria,and our dreams about Nigeria will come to pass.This is not the time for us to fold our hands and wait for our leaders to fail us it is time for us to begin to contribute to change and growth.

        Some might wonder at my sayings,  but i need to remind you that your government owes you nothing rather you owe your country alot,your generation is waiting for you to be an instrument of change.We need to brace ourselves and stand together shoulder to shoulder for the success of our nation.Look around you today,satisfy a need,cause someone to smile,let someone lean on you,cry with someone,help someone to rise again,give hope to somebody in all give life and live it to the fullest.

         For us to find fulfilment in all these,we must be ready to lay aside all forms of selfishness,forget about the inconvenience,the financial gain,your pedigree,give back to life coz u’ve gotten a lot from life to be grateful for.On a final note while doing this,don’t forget you are not alone as an agent of change in your society or community,despite the fact that we are in different places,in all of these ”We are together Shoulder to Shoulder”Long live Nigeria”.


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