Over the years,the issue of morals and value has been swept under  foot  as youths and adult all hide under the guise of civilisation and it doesn’t matter.Nigeria just celebrated her 48th year anivasary first of octber last month,and we all celebrated looking back and realizing that yes! we’ve come a long way but we’ve still got alot on our hands to deal with.Looking back we have had alot of leaders;those who have served and those who have not kept their promise of service to the molther land.Nothwithstanding,we know that Nigeria is prepared for change.

        This is  a wakeup call to all nigerians who have sworn their alliangiance to the mother land,it is time for us to celebrate the mother land and as such we must all be men and women of integrity.When we talk of integrity what do we mean?simply put it is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.Over the years we’ve had leaders who lack integrity,and for a nation to move ahead we need to have men and women of integrity.

       But before we seek integrity in others,we must first evaluate ourselves Are we living a life of integrity?take a look at your personal,social and spiritual life,How often have we compromised our principles just for pleasures that would not last a life time?It is time we begin to exhibit the character and attitudes we want see in our leaders.Remember the old saying that says”A good name is better than riches”Let tis words guide you.Be a man of integrity because a man of integrity can stand head up no matter the challenge because he has not lost his dignity.Be the best you can ever be.ciao


2 thoughts on “Integrity

  1. He who comes to equity must come with clean hands are the hands of Nigerians clean to seek integrity frm our leaders and politicians, are we fair wen we allow children of school age run after our bus just to sell a sachet of pure water? Think abt this.

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