Arise Naija!


Coming back from National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) in Kano Nigeria, I realized that the mentality of most Nigerian youths as regards our nation’s development comes last in their list of priorities. The mind set of the most of these youth sent to serve their nation were centered primarily on their self gratification. No wonder when we talk about national empowerment and development they look at us like we are crazy; they tell us that they have been waiting for the change we’ve raved about yet forgetting that we need their co-operation to cause effective change.

     Gone are the days we as Nigerian youths say we are the leaders of tomorrow, we are the leaders of today, coz our today was the tomorrow talked about yesterday. During one of my numerous trips, I was opportune to meet with some vibrant Nigerian ladies who just went through the youth service scheme they were very enthusiastic and hopeful about the future of Nigeria and I said to myself ”Naija must Arise”.I knew within me that the change we’ve clamored for will come, there was a stirring as these ladies talked and were hopeful.

      Arise Naija! It is time we gird our clothes tightly around us and begin to see ourselves as leaders that would move our great nation to the next level. We have to begin to groom others to begin to think positively about our country, we have to start as individuals in our own little way to begin to do the things that are morally and socially right, let integrity be our watch word, let honesty adorn our path, let us live by values worthy of emulation, it is indeed time for us to Arise and begin to develop our minds towards change, let us pray for our leaders to function in the best of their abilities, let us embrace change. Finally ”lets us think it, believe it and see it happening.’’ ciao






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