Life update

      wow!its been quite a busy and hectic month for me,and am kinda way back on my blog.Am an educator,so have been working tirelessly to prepare my kids for their big day”graduation ceremony”,right from evaluation of class attendance to compiling of results,rehearsals and so on.But thanks to God that it’s all over now.

     when i was beginning to think i had finally finished all i had to do,i was called that i had to get to school to collect my results and prepare myself for NYSC programme next month.Am looking forward to it,and am keeping my mind open and positive to get a fantastic posting.

     After all said and done,i hope you all have been having a swell time with life,i for one am not doing badly,am great!though i had my terrible moments but have weathered the storm.Life has been worth living and fun also.I wrote a couple of exams and am grateful to God that i came out in flying colours.Its been quite a fulfiling month for me.

      Right now,i got this project am seriously working on,am yet to disclose the details but i promise to let it all out when am a bit settle and done,so watch out for something unsual.I will try my best to give you all i got and do something terrific to get my blog rolling again.

      Dear readers,don’t relent ,be yourself,do the unsual,achieve the imposssible and live your dream,keep posting your comments;I LOVE YOU ALL.


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