Does he love me?

     The issue of been with the right person has always been a source of concern to both sexes.Ladies most especially have always pondered why men act the way they do.Today,i will be sharing a story with you;it’s a true life story of a troubled heart though the names are fictional.

     Ifeoma was in her first year in school when she met a guy named Jake,she liked him;he was like her dream come true but there was nothing she could do about it.She watched him daily until finally a ray of sunshine came .While she was in her final year in school Jake finally saw her and took interest in her.She was elated,this was the day she had secretly pined for.

     Things got really cozy with them,Jake was indeed the prince charming she had perceived him to be.He took care of her,pampered her and did almost everything for her.Life with him was filled with precious moments,he was indeed the perfect gentleman.Her needs were vital to him and these things he did for her made her love him even more.

     But rumours about him started to get to her ears and Ifeoma could bear them no longer she decided to confront him,but he evaded the issue by saying he too had heard scandalous things about her but he had never confronted her,so she decided to take things easy with him.As days turned into weeks,ifeoma began to notice some changes about Jake,he stopped calling her regularly,he hardly took her calls and always had one flimsy excuse or the other why he could not see her.

     She became really worried,Jake was living up to his name as a chronic womaniser.she paid him a surprise visit and got the shock of her life,Jake had been cheating on her like she had suspected,he didn’t try to hide the fact that he had another girl friend,he told her point blank that she was no different after all he too had also heard from his friends that she to had chains of boyfriends.

     Ijeoma was heart broken,she was devastated,this is a guy she had truly loved all these years,how could he deal her such a huge blow?Jake had broken the rules of a knight,he had left this particular damsel in distress.The BIG question is;Jake says they need to talk about what has happened,Ifoema doesn’t think so but her heart says a different thing,Can she forgive him and move on?,Does he love her or he is trying to take advantage of the fact that she loves him?

      Dear readers,i leave it up to you,please do drop your comments.A lot of other people like her  are out there in a hurting relationship,your sincere and well delivered comments could propel them to decide on the right step to take and help them see things differently.ciao


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