Your Identity

      The issue of identity dates back to the days of our aged parents.It was often said back then that we traded our identity when we accepted to be colonised by our colonizers.Reflecting on those stories told by our great granparents,gran parents,parents as the case may be,i came to respect the fight and efforts of the  great heroes of the past to disentangle us from the clutches of slavery.It was indeed a good fight!

      The importance of identity can not be over emphasied. In today’s world,we need to be able to have an identity of our own.The oxford dictionary defines it as ”who or what somebody is”It is a vital part of who and what you are.Often at times people tend to excessively imitate and follow the steps of another to the piont of been an obsession,at this stage,the person is said to be in an identity crisis.This crisis is often a state of confusion were we can no longer relate with the person or personality we are and that which we’ve become.

     The fact that we do not come in the same sizes,colour,shapes and ability goes a long way to strenghten why each and every one of us has to be unique and different.It shows that we were not all made to be the same,we need to explore our differences and put them to meaningful use to the betterment of those around us.We need mentors to direct us,motivate us and propel us on our way to our destinies but  we should not to turn their guidiance into a destructive attempt to be like them,thereby losing the essence that makes us who we are.

     I have a few questions,Do you want to look in the mirror and see someone else?,Do you want others to see you and say this is definetely not you;this must be so and so?I bet you wouldn’t,coz it will diminish your worth.Let me say this,the original is always better than the photocopy.All you got to do is repackage yourself,develop yourself through books,tapes,serminars, listen to your mentors,but in all of these know who you are,maintain who you are,be yourself, develop your style,do not let anyone  intimidate you into what your not,develop your self confidence.

     Always look in the mirror,call yourself by name and say those things you want to become,keep saying them till they become a reality,the tongue is the switch of great power it can maim,kill,destroy and make use it possitively to your advantage.In all of this,guard your identity with all jealousy,let others know its your trade mark,is who you are and what defines you.”IF IT’S NOT YOU THEN EVERY OTHER YOU MUST BE A COUNTERFEIT”ciao    


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