The world we are today has been referred to as a global village.few who come to it have been able to make sense of it,a few found their purpose,their destinies,others left frustrated that it couldn’t bendto their whims only a few were able to learn the secrets which others could not phantom.The will power to exercise the audacity in you.Some call it the other half of you that is afraid to show itself for fear of rejection or lack of faith in its abilities.

    A s humans we all possess Audacity on the inside of us.It is the brave part of you that refuse to be down trodden no matter the rejection,or obstacles that stand in its way,it always finds a way to show it self,its not afraid to fail,its always looking for a leverage,an avenue to get better and be the best there is.

     It is the key that can get you out of your shell and propel you to that great future you envisage for yourself,all you need do to get out of that shell is to believe in yourself,do not be afraid to fail,do not fear rejection,do not see your inabilities,See what you can be and will be.Always seek your best and never relent in your efforts to get better.

     If you are afraid to stick your neck out,then you must be ready to invest in your future,get books to build your self confidence,get into programs that would teach you skills and help you enhance your skills,search for knowledge increase your value,dare to be more than you can be,only then would you have exercised the audacity inside of you to it’s fullest.”I believe in you,Believe in yourself ” ciao



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