Honeymoon In Acapulco_thumbnail    I bring you greetings from the land of hearts.did i just say that? I Have always wanted to explore the effects of distance relationships on the emotional as well as the physical well being of couples.Some would say that distant relationships work others would say that 99% of them don’t work.I would rather group them into two school of thoughts,those who believe its possible and those who do not believe.Well i for one have decided to share my concerns with you coz i would really want to know if its healthy for one to be in a distance relationship?

     Have you ever thought seriously about the saying”distance makes the heart grow fonder”some would say ”out of sight is out of mind”looking at this two sayings critically,one would become confused as to the reality of deciding whether to be involved or not in what most termed distance relationship,or relationship across borders.

     Some experts  are of the opinion that distance is not a determinig factor in the well being of any relationship,in as much as couples understand themselves and do not have communication barriers,they maintain that couples who are always around themselves also have problems so distance with proper communication does not affect the well being of couples.How true is this?:Relationships differ,couples differ and they all have varied experiences.There are no laid down rules.coz what might work for couples A,might not work for couples B.

      After all said and done i will leave the conclusion to you readers,what are your views on distance relationships.Are you in support of it?The craze is internet dating despite the risk involved,individuals still engage in it,we consciously and and unconsciously fall to the whims of friends and family to what is termed blind dating.You get  to get someone’s number and you both are expected to build a relationship.This is often common with individuals outside the country who need wives,they get the recommended girls number chat her up and they begin a relationship and the rest they say is history.

      Well,i had to seek your opinions coz there is a little story i have to tell which would be an eye opener to this post and the reason behind my writng this post.ciao


One thought on “Distance

  1. Woah…I am impressed, well for me I would never encourage distance relationships as we would never know when we can fall off our track and give into temptation, on the grounds that we miss your partner…..

    Don’t pls.

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