Family or Friends(gist 4rm my crib 2)

      Have had alot on my hands lately,came down with the flu but not to worry am okay now,i would try to update my blog often enough.yeah,it’s time about time i brought you gist from my crib.My elder sister and I were discussing about family ties and togetherness,the need for us to be more loving and caring towards our family.She told me of a story  it was quite sad and disheartening for one to choose between family or friends.

     I heard of a young lady,who had a friend and was primarily influenced by her friend.while in school,she usually forgot about home and channeled all her time and attention to this friend of was so annoying that her younger sister complained to her sisters and brothers at about her sisters attitude towards her because of her friend whom she tot the world of.It happened that this lady was betrayed by this her wonderful friend and the scales fell off her eyes,who does she run to?the same family shes neglected. 

     Looking back i realised that there were times we had taken family for granted because we felt they would always be there.True,the saying goes ”friends will come and go but  family will be.”But least we take what we have for granted we have to bear in mind that what ever happens family comes first,coz usually,they are the first people we run to when we are in need or have been let down by those outside whom we trust.

     Often times individuals have allowed themselves to be blinded my the dotting they received from spouses making them place these individuals above their families forgetting that boyfriends and girlfriends come and go but family stays.Don’t miss interpret,sure we know these people care but they should not take the place of family,coz when the bond that holds a family together is broken it is difficult to mend it.

     I know some might be wondering in their hearts,some friends stick closer than a brother true,but the power of family bonding can never be compared to it.No matter how bad your family has been,or what you’ve passed through in their hands,family remains family.There is a purpose for all that happens under the,brother,sister take your pick ”Your family or Your friend.”  


One thought on “Family or Friends(gist 4rm my crib 2)

  1. well if i am to pick i would say none of the above.
    do yu know y?
    thats because this days wat eva family does for yu is termed as perfunctory.
    and as for friends?…………………
    lets just say yu dont know who is who

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