Home Sweet Home

      Welcome back! It’s been a great weekend, had a lot of stuff on my hands. My server has been down for quite a while, have been quite busy trying to come up with a solution, thank God its ok. Well, we just got to get into the business of the day. I might not have grown up with my parents but at least am grateful to God that I had a place to call home. To all those who are far away from home my sympathy please.

    The saying goes’ there’s no place like home’ when you think of this word you don’t attach much importance to it not until you leave home. I was talking to a friend of my and she actually emphasized this words. She like so many Nigerians left the shores of our great country Nigeria in search of better opportunities or greener pastures like they call it.

    She actually confessed to me that she misses home badly, I was sad for her. Come to think of it, while I was much younger, I felt like’ God when am I going to leave the shores of this country now I know better. Over the years, the horrifying tales of what Nigerians pass through abroad all in the name of making it big came back home to hunt me. I had shivers down my spine then. Thinking about it now makes me laugh at how naive I was.

    The good news is unlike others who had to travel to realize what they where giving up, I realize that all I needed to be that great person was right here with me in my country. All I had to do was believe in my country and the fact that God didn’t make a mistake in choosing my nationality. I began to seek the good in my country which is to say that today am a living brand coz I believe in everything Nigerian.

    I am proud of my country; it is a privilege to come from a country of great wealth, rich cultural experience and great minds. Am happy to be home, a free born able to explore the riches of my nation, savor the rich cultural experiences and experience true peace of mind coz at least nobody would bundle me anytime they like and throw me out of their country. I am free to harness my God given potential.

    There is no place like home and am proud to be home. To all ye lovers of home always stick close to home that’s where your roots are. Do not lose your feeling of belonging. You can see the world but stay back and build your home, it’s worth the sacrifice. Ciao



2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Hey way to go…..I CAN NEVER LEAVE NIGERIA, I would rather travel and come back. This is a blessed country and good things are sure coming out from here……good job gal.

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