Gist 4rm My Crib(1)

      Hi folks,had quite a wonderful i attended a friend’s wedding gosh it was fantastic.The couples seemed so much in love.At least i thank God that people were orderly and waited patiently to be served unlike the usual rowdiness found at most warri weddings were individuals tend to fight because of food.

     I had a discussion with my dad;actually my uncle i call him my dad coz he has been a surrogate father to me for the past 17years.He was angry at the state of things in Nigeria and this was spurned by complaints from my sister who is presently serving her country in one remote village in the east.He actually blamed the government for sending peoples children to places that they had not prepared them for.As he was talking i thought of what i learnt from a seminar last year about not blaming the government but doing something positive and productive towards nation building rather than complaining.

     However,this thought of my was voiced out and my younger sister got into a heated argument with me about ”why shouldn’t daddy blame the government, it’s true,our government is bad”and i retorted ”what have you done for the government”and she said”daddy is doing his own little stuff in his own way”and i asked her’how”?For a while back i had her attention.

      I told her about the various individuals who are reaching out to people in their communities through community development,motivational and inspirational seminars,and so many other wonderful things.She smiled and told me that ”Haba,daddy is not a motivational speaker”I told her yes but at least he  can get involved in other community efforts.

      The good news is that i was able to convince and bring her to the light that things have changed and  it time for us to begin to create the new Nigeria.I told her about a young group of Nigerians I heard about and came across information of on the internet, who belong to a club- new Naija club.They are seriously making things happen.I have every intention of becoming a part of them coz i belong to the generations of the new Nigerians.Got to stop here coz i intend to keep you posted on gist from my crib.Stay with me and don’t forget to drop your comments as you surf through.



3 thoughts on “Gist 4rm My Crib(1)

  1. wow……….lolo; u know i love to call u that. this is a nice one. u are creative; always had. the present generation would make do with a mind like urs. i pray most young ladies out there would copy from u. keep up the good work.

  2. nice article u got there, i particularly liked what u said about everyboby contributing in their own little way to make our great nation a better place

  3. Nice article, Nigerians of this generation should forget about looking for how is to blame, because even the government people are made up of devoted citizens, Nigerians have to change their mentality and have more love for one another. The problem is in the mind of Nigerians. There is no Nigerian that doesn’t want the country to be like America so we have to work together forget the blames and change our thinking.

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