The Greatest Discovery

     Come to think of it,i seem to find it a bit difficult to keep my temper down.I flare up at the slightest provocation and i have been a pain in the…. of late.What would you say to that?Am i over reacting or its just my frustrations been released on innocent people?When asked what the matter is,i am unable to find a reasonable excuse for my foul mood.

     I know something is wrong yet i can seem to understand why i throw my tantrums,i say to myself…am definitely crazy,some say…she’s having mood swings,don’t bother her she will come around.What’s that supposed to mean,am i that unbearable or is it just whom i am.I tried so hard to understand why i acted the way i do but never got an answer.

    One fateful day,i suddenly came to the realisation of who i was,all the while,i had been trying to understand why i acted the way i did,i never really accepted that something was wrong with me.I realised i had allowed people to tell me who i was and that provided an escape for me,it allowed me the freedom and will to do what i wanted.I gradually began the journey of self discovery,as i sincerely accepted what i had become,I realised i had allowed my background,environment and the world around me to influence the person i thought i was.I began the slow and painful process of separating what i had picked up along the way while i was growing up and that which i was before the infiltration of varying patterns of behaviour came up.

    I became aware that in my bid to be different from what i grew up around,i ended up developing negative attitude towards the people around me and the society at large.But the good news is…i discovered who i was.I was born to influence my world not the other way round,i was unique coz i had a different purpose i didn’t have to be molded into what people thought me to be.I was great,i had potentials,i had talent untapped,i had the creative genie in me but i was too busy conforming to my world to let it out of me.

    The day i discovered who i was i knew my world had be patiently waiting for the day i would bud,It was then i aallowed the creative genie out,i explored,i opened my mind,i took note of my environment i noticed for the first time that life was worth living,i savored the freshness of the earth,i gave and received,i loved and was loved,i smiled and lives were touched,i told my story and people believed,i knew i had found myself,life now had a purpose.

    Self discovery,is one experience that exhilarates you,its a force that can propel you faster to your destiny coz you know who you are and what you should be doing,it gives you the licence to be you.For all those on the journey,its frustrating,it is painful but above all it is the greatest discovery of all time.Take time out and see if you are you or just another photocopy of the original.Like GLO network would say ”rule your world”but i would add don’t let it rule you.ciao.  



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