The Secret Formula For Success

      It’s been quite a while,sorry folks had to get my tooth filled which explains my inability to update this blog this past day.Wow!its been said that almost every book you pick has one secret,steps,keys or formula to success but funny enough we all seem to be seeking for one secret formula or the other to get us on our way to success.Others are searching for the fastest way to get from where they are to where they want to go in life.They are looking for one formula that can carry them towards the fulfilment of their dreams.

      I had done that for years.Armed with all  the information i could get from seminars,tapes,books etc.pursuing my dreams and not understanding why i could not enjoy the journey of success like my books and speakers kept saying i should,unknowing to me the journey was going to be new and painful.But with time i decided to enjoy every moment of it,I tried to bend the sides of my mouth a little even in the face of life’s challenges and before long i began to experience joy in my daily process of been successful.It took constant work and consistent effort;funny enough am still in the process.

     My previous article i talked about attitude which is a vital factor in turning life challenges into positive events.You have to take stock of your life and know where you are,when you do,you’ll notice that all you’ve been striving for is actually in your possession.Like it is said that after the seminar,tapes and books and the crowd have dispersed and you are left alone behind  shut doors,only then is the champion born and battles won;and you alone will be able to determine your future success.Your books,tapes and seminars all form the basis of every success you experience.

     However,the bulk of your success will be determined by what you’ve done behind close doors.Here comes the main part of the gist;in essence your secret formula for success lies within you.Whatever you do with all the information you gleaned from books,tapes,seminars etc will guarantee whether you will succeed or not.So, the big answer is YOU.Take stock be thanful for where you are and keep moving.ciao


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