OR Have you ever been torn between two conflicting decisions?Have you ever felt like ”oh God,what am i going to do”?Both decisions look so appealing and right,yet you found it difficult to make a choice between the two.Hmn!some would say”i am torn between the devil and the deep blue sea”What am i going to do.

       So many have travelled this pathway trying to make choices between alternative decisions.Like the saying goes the choicesyou make today are pointers to where you are going to.some would say it shapes your future.But which ever way there is still this fact”it’s either you make a bad choice or a good choice.But i would say make the best choice.”

       There was a time i had to choose between the pleasures of the world or the pleasures of the kingdom.It was a tough decision especially when you grew up around lots of female company.Sistas bear me witness.You know it could be down right disheartening when it seems the other girls got to get the best guyz,have fun,look good and also have more than  enough cash to spare.But one thing kept me,i said to myself girl!you gotta make the best chioce.Coz i needed a life that had value.I didn’t have to go look for some broda who could take me for a ride, and i will tell you am the better for it.

       Oops sorry Guyz, didn’t mean to go all sistally on you.Have met brodas who asked why they always got the bad deal for all their efforts at being the good guyz,you can imagine their peers riding the best cars,have enough cash to spend and seem to be having the best of life from their fraudulent exploits,yet it seems they have managed to escape the notice of retribution.Never mind it is always short lived.don’t forget what you sow you reap is still very much in existence.                       

      Although,this and many other vices such as religion,society,background,education etc play a major role on the kind of choices we make,we as individuals must make up our minds to make choices that would add value to our lives,choices that would make us role models to the next generation.I would say this”The winner chooses to do the best,and seek what’s best”.

      Remember this,The power of choice is in each and every one of our hands.always make the best choice not the good choice.ciao


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